Coven Wipes – 03/21/18

The following is a compilation of notable deaths and other oopsie moments from all of our wipes last night. Listed in order of dying from top to bottom, deaths that occurred at the same time or close enough are listed together.

The common theme is that Fulminating Pulse was a contributing factor in most of the deaths. I stopped counting deaths that happen later in these wipes since as a rule they can be attributed to healers being dead, or as the result of finishing the wipe.

The one thing the replay doesn’t show is the Shadow Blades, a couple of deaths were the result of sudden movement from one person into another and Shadow Blades may be responsible.

Wipe 1:

Ruggedo – Fulminating Pulse during healer adds.
Cee & Evie – Fail, Evie, and Soul affected with Fulminating, Cee and Evie both took a tick of Storm damage and died to a combination of fire, storm, and healer add damage.
Halci – Fulminating Pulse + lack of heals, it looks like he is out of range of the remaining healers, but it’s hard to gauge.
Mhediq – Storm

Wipe 2:

Soul – Fulminating and Storm.
Cee – Fulminating and Storm.
Nuhau – Lightning (According to the replay he was not in range of anyone else to proc the hit, but that is what killed him.)
Jonas / Evie / Ruggedo – Lightning; after one add dies Jonas, Julie, Evie all race to the same safe zone for a Storm and get too close together. Jonas dies first, then a few seconds later Evie dies. Ice also takes a lot of damage from the hug and dies a little later.
Hawt – Chilled Blood during healer adds.

Wipe 3:

Nuhau / Nalli / Evie / Cee – Marching Band
Silv – Flame Strike

Wipe 4:

Heuloix – Standing with the tank during Marching band, got Fulminating Pulse, got cleaved.
Fail / Ice – Marching Band
Silv – Fiery Strike

Wipe 5:

Fail / Evie – Fulminating Pulse. Fire adds are up, Evie ran into add fire and they splashed each other with the burst.
Armet – Fulminating and Storm.
Nuhau – Fulminating Pulse got him low, took a tick of storm damage, killed by the blast, Hawt and Julie got spashed by him as they tried to get safe.
Hawt – Lightning, standing too close to Julie.
Soul – Fulminating Blast.

Wipe 6:

Cee – Storm
Fail / Jonas – Fulminating Blast during Healer adds.
Cee / Soul – Fulminating Blast and Storm
Julie – Fiery Strike

Wipe 7:

Halci – Standing in the center during fire adds. Soul and Cee are also in the middle, Soul almost dies.
Nuhau – Storm
Nalli – Fulminating Blast – lack of heals?
Heuloix – Fulminating Blast, two ticks of storm, probably out of healer range.
Cee – Marching Band

Wipe 8:

Hawt – Fulminating Blast and Storm
Fail – Fulminating Pulse during Marching Band
Everyone else – Bugged Marching Band.

Wipe 9:

Jonas – Whirling Saber
Nuhau / Ice – Ice had Fulminating Pulse, Nuhau runs into him (Shadow blade knockback?), both die.
Nalli / Cee – Nalli, Cee, Evie have Fulminating, Storm is up. Nalli takes storm damage and dies to the blast, Cee dies to the blast.
Armet – Fulminating Blast puts him very low, healer add damage kills him.
Hawt – Storm

Wipe 10:

Armet – Fulminating / Storm during Marching band.
Nuhau – Whirling Saber
Hawt – Storm during Lightning adds.
Fail / Halci – Storm during frozen orb and Healer adds.

Wipe 11:

Hawt / Ice / Nalli / Nuhau – Lightning during Storm.
Armet – Storm
Halci – Fulminating and Storm
Evie – Fulminating Blast

Wipe 12:

Julie – Whirling Saber + Storm + Fiery Strike
Bosses were immune for roughly 40 seconds after Julie rezzed.
Jonas / Armet – Lightning Proc, Jonas runs into Armet.
Hawt – Storm during Lightning adds.
Nuhau – Storm during Healer adds.
Cee / Hawt – Chilled Blood during Healer adds.

BfA Survey

Hey gang,

I made a thing. It’s not binding, it’s not official, but I made it to start putting together a picture of raiding in Battle for Azeroth and what we have to work with.

It’s short, so I hope you’ll take the time to fill it out. Feel free to let me know if you have questions or concerns, or would like to see results.



Last Raid of the Year

Logs for it are here

I want to thank everyone for a great 2017.    We have been Ahead of the Curve a couple of times this xpac, have kept a solid raid schedule over the summer, and (in spite of being terrible recruiters) have found some amazing new members this year to add to the family.  We are a quirky bunch, so it is always nice to find kindred spirits with whom we can share our quirkiness.

I hope everyone has a great holiday season, and a very happy and prosperous 2018 (both in WoW and IRL).


Heroic KJ Down!

Logs are here, so take a look to see how we can continue to get better.  Also, consider getting your mage tower challenge completed so that you can unlock the appearance with one of the next couple of KJ kills.  Nice job all!

Friday Night Fights (M+)

Logs posted here.

HoV 11 (+2)  -> Seat 13 – pass for now

Nelth 11 (+2) -> Cathedral 13 – really?? ok, fine

Cathedral 13 (-1) -> HoV 12  – a couple of unfortunate facepulls, and a couple of mistakes on the next to last boss. We’re going to try to make lemonade in HoV.


High Level M+ Guides

Last month, I spent a week reading through all the dungeon trash and boss strats making notes in Excel for ‘Cheat Sheets’.  Now Wowhead puts this out…

Raid Logs for 10/5

Great progress on KJ tonight, and a pretty satisfying end to a good week.  Next week the focus will be on downing the big guy, so study the fight, dream the mechanics, and treat it like the dance it is.  Mechanics first, dps second and if we get to the end and hit the enrage timer then we can tune up dps.

Tuesday the goal is to clear to Maiden (and get her on a less-ugly farm).  Wednesday is to kill Avatar and smooth that fight out a bit so that we can move it to farm territory.  Then KJ where we consistently get through the shadow phase.  That’s where we will work for the rest of the week.  If we down him, we will poke our heads in Mythic and laugh a lot.

We’ve had a great few weeks, and I really appreciate everyone driving hard through the rough parts and coming out the other side with a dead boss and a smile.