Yet Another New Beginning

The CMS for the old site has migrated to a new platform, so rather than spend hours migrating the site to another CMS we wouldn’t use, I decided to keep it a lot more simple.

Our main game is (still) WoW, and we are currently running Alliance on Proudmoore.  We do  almost all of our chatter about things on Facebook.

I will work more on this over time, so feel free to comment/mock below (or on Facebook)




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      1. If WoW continues to slow, I can see a bit of FF XIV in my future. I finally succeeded at navigating Squares terrible support to get access to my account again. Nae will need to do the same next week (since Square support doesn’t work the weekends. I guess no one has gaming issues on the weekend…)

  1. Was going to pop in and say hi, but link not working for me. 🙁

    Have not gamed in years, first met you guys in DAoC (Varangian Guard), and also played AoC and a little bit of Wow.

    Now that i am old, and retiring soon, i was thinking of seeing how much my reflexes have aged also. Hope all are doing well.

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