BfA Class/Role Data Gathering

Hey gang!

I know we’ve had a LOT of surveys and such recently. (thanks for some excellent feedback so far!) So I’m going to try and keep this simple.
Reply here with your real/game names, the class you’d most like to play, your desired role (tank/heals/dps) and whether or not you’d be willing to flex into another role if raid needs required it.
Format: Name/Nickname – Class – Role – Flexible on role (Yes or No)
*One disclaimer* Tanks will have performance/attendance requirements and additional duties outside raids. Healers will likely have attendance and other requirements as well.

As an example:
Charlie/Soul – Paladin – Heals/Tank – Yes

Surveys, Surveys, and Surveys

We recently posted a couple of surveys to the Facebook group that I wanted to post here, just in case you didn’t see them.   We also pasted a third survey for officer feedback based on the feedback from the first two surveys.  We will be tweaking things a bit in BfA based on the feedback, so if you haven’t taken them yet, please do so.    We will summarize the feedback and post what heard overall, and how we will tweak things accordingly, once we feel like the surveys have settled down (so, pretty soon).