Raid Logs for 10/5

Great progress on KJ tonight, and a pretty satisfying end to a good week.  Next week the focus will be on downing the big guy, so study the fight, dream the mechanics, and treat it like the dance it is.  Mechanics first, dps second and if we get to the end and hit the enrage timer then we can tune up dps.

Tuesday the goal is to clear to Maiden (and get her on a less-ugly farm).  Wednesday is to kill Avatar and smooth that fight out a bit so that we can move it to farm territory.  Then KJ where we consistently get through the shadow phase.  That’s where we will work for the rest of the week.  If we down him, we will poke our heads in Mythic and laugh a lot.

We’ve had a great few weeks, and I really appreciate everyone driving hard through the rough parts and coming out the other side with a dead boss and a smile.

Raid logs for 9/7 (Thur) – Heroic Sisters Kill (eventually) and DI Face Smash

We will start posting logs here, so that we can chat about it.  To comment you need to register. If you don’t register with a name I recognize, I will ignore it, so send an in-game mail if you don’t get approved within a day.

My feedback: dps continues to improve, but there is more work to do.  We still take avoidable damage, but it is MUCH better.  Our priest healer is lazy.  Who invited that slacker?  And two healing is hard, but we still had a good week.