A couple of notes about the site.

I changed templates and, although it supports comments (in theory), I haven’t yet found the way to turn it on.  Although I like the layout, I’d like interaction on the site more.  I will poke around some more and see if I can figure out what is going on, and switch the template if I can’t get comments going.

As an FYI, anyone that has registered and been approved on the site should have the access to write their own posts.  If you have registered and can’t publish a post, let me know.

Saturday Night M+ (Team Ice)

Here are the logs for the Saturday night Team Ice M+ run.

The tldr is DHT 10 (+1), Nelth 11 (+1) and DHT 12 (completed, but did not make time).  I believe finishing the 12 was their new personal best, and the only problem on the 12 was managing the dragon boss. The successful attempt on that boss was very smooth.

Congrats for a great week to Team Ice on what is definitely a tough set of affixes.

Raid logs for 9/7 (Thur) – Heroic Sisters Kill (eventually) and DI Face Smash

We will start posting logs here, so that we can chat about it.  To comment you need to register. If you don’t register with a name I recognize, I will ignore it, so send an in-game mail if you don’t get approved within a day.


My feedback: dps continues to improve, but there is more work to do.  We still take avoidable damage, but it is MUCH better.  Our priest healer is lazy.  Who invited that slacker?  And two healing is hard, but we still had a good week.