Well, Legion pre-patch goes live on 7/19, so it is time to start pondering Legion.   I am confident that anything we plan won’t survive the launch, but I am hoping for a similarly long raid season with this xpac.  I think the key to success last time was consistent participation of the tanks and healers, and the willingness for players to play multiple roles .

My main concerns for this xpac are entirely personal.  Since Blizzard chose to do their first late August launch ever, Nae and I will both be in Scotland for almost 3 weeks shortly after launch.  Normally I would just be slightly bummed about being behind, but pretty confident that we could catch up fairly quickly.  The mechanics of the Artifact weapon will make that trickier, given that it is so time-gated.  We will just have to play that by ear.

I would like to start seeing what roles that people want to play so that I can get a sense of what I should target.  Given my late start, I will likely take more of a filler role, at least in the beginning.  I would very much like to keep healing, but I don’t want to hold things back with my slow start.

So go ahead and let me know your thoughts.  Also, I have opened up registration on the site, so click the log in link on the left, then click register and follow the instructions.  I will review and approve and then bump you up to an Author so that you can post awesome stuff.

This seems to be a pretty decent Legion guide, but I haven’t made it into beta.  Let me know what you think:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Z9Zu0W4DDD0P52zy0H23VnDj0CSShSm5na6cEuOnlBM/pub