So, I’m starting to tear up the site in preparation for the launch of the next xpac, hence the minimalist layout.  I will hopefully get it somewhat pretty this week. Also this week, I will be posting a few times to talk about the plans for the new xpac, based on the feedback from the surveys from weeks and weeks ago (no, we didn’t forget about them).

As we have said before, there won’t be radical changes.  We had a great xpac, did some amazing stuff, and mostly managed burnout pretty well.  That said, based on your feedback we do see spots where we can do better, and we will actively focus on those areas.  We are wanting people have more fun, continue to get things done, get more comfortable in raids, and have opportunities during the raid cycle to “recharge” before the next “tier”.

My normally bitter, jaded self is actually looking forward to this xpac. Island expeditions look fun. I already enjoy M+, so I’m looking forward to raging about affixes in BfA.  We’ll see if we can get Nae into some Warfronts. And raiding is always my core reason for playing.

Keep an eye out this week. There will be more to come.