The xpac is soon upon us, so I thought I’d do a quick write-up of how this has gone in the past, and how we will approach it this time. Like most of our plans, it likely won’t survive the first day, and we’ll just make up stuff.  It’s the RA way.

Day 1 will be a furious storm of activity.  Some will have laser beam focus, with the goal of getting out in front of the crowds (in War Mode, of course) and leveling uncontested. Others will talk in /g about all the content, quirks, and how someone is already 120 after 7 hours.  Some will be trying to get their addons working. Some won’t log on because they think the launch is the next day since this is Blizz’s first simultaneous launch.  The RA way is to love them all.  I do.  You should, too.

In previous xpacs, we basically ignored dungeons.  Yes, you had to do them.  Like once.  Maybe twice. Then we raided and never looked back. So, we really didn’t focus on putting a support system in place so that guildies could easily get that stuff handled. Legion changed that with M+ dungeons and we were slow to adjust (sorry about that).  We (hopefully) fixed things a bit for BfA.  We are focusing on making sure we have more tanks available on this xpac to help with dungeon quests and Mythic+ dungeons. The goal this time is to make sure everyone can get a guild group for dungeons, especially M+ dungeons when we get there.  The feedback on the surveys was pretty overwhelming on this, and we listened.

Finally, the age-old question: when do we raid?  The answer is “when Blizz opens it up and we have a viable raid”.  Usually that means a little bit after the raid goes live, but sometimes it is a little longer. It’s ok if we are a little late joining this first party.  No one is stealing from us.  The loot will still be there. If you are late joining us, don’t worry.  It is shockingly easy to “catch up” nowadays, so don’t stress about it.  Since we are notoriously slow levelers, Nae and I are often the ones holding things up. Somehow it works out every time.