I will be doing a few short posts over the weekend to cover various raid things.  Some things never change.  Some things do.

Moving to Discord

I’ve been a fan of Discord for a while, and have used it a few other games.  We have been giving it a test drive for Mythic Dungeons this week and I am comfortable that it will work ok for us for raids. We have created a number of chat and voice channels, and I will be happy to create more if needed.  The Discord invite link is in the guild info, so if you haven’t connected yet, please do so by Tuesday.  Note that the Raid Channel will be PTT only. Also, we will keep Vent around, in the unlikely event that we need it as a backup.

Item Level for Raid

A minimum item level of 320 will be required to join the raid.  I don’t think that will be a big barrier, but I wanted to get this out there to avoid having someone getting all butt-hurt that I won’t let them raid when they can barely queue for heroic dungeons.  When I last checked Raider.io, we had around 25 (some probably alts) that met the requirement, so again, this shouldn’t be a big deal.  If you have concerns, let me know before raid day.  I’ll probably not be very sympathetic if you shed your tears on me at 8pm CDT on Tuesday.

Raid Schedule

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Raid forms at 8:15. Summons stop at 8:25.  We will pull at 8:30.

That’s it for now.   I will post some other raiding expectations later today. (hint: I won’t be doing 10 min strat speeches before boss pulls)

Please let me know via comments (either here or on Facebook) and we can tweak things.