As I hinted, we won’t be doing big explanations before boss pulls this xpac. They really weren’t effective, and all it did was make us want to go “wtf, didn’t you listen?!”, which would then encourage the reply “I was until I fell asleep.”  I will do some quick Nae Notes, and off we go. Sooooooo…..

You will be expected to know the fights when you get into the raid, or at least fake it well enough that I don’t kick you and tell you to take a time out and watch Youtube for 10 minutes.  For your convenience, here are the first two bosses in the upcoming raid.  Watch them, know them, live them between now and Tuesday.  The fight explanations themselves only take 5-6 minutes each, then these guys start telling Blizz how the fight really should be designed and you can stop listening.

What if we get past both of these quickly on Tuesday?  We’ll wing it and see how it goes.  Then maybe learn some lessons.